Top 10 Highest Currencies In Africa 2022

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People have always asked what is the Highest Currencies In Africa? We will say from one country to another, there is variation in the value each of their currencies carried from most developed country to the less developed, there is always variation in the currency value so today we will be writing on Highest Currencies In Africa.

  • Here are the big questions we will answer in this post
  • What are the Most Valuable Currencies In Africa?
  • What are the Highest Currencies In Africa?


We will quickly give you a rundown of countries with the Highest Currencies In Africa and countries with the Most Valuable Currencies In Africa.

Here is the list of the Topmost Valuable Currencies In Africa

  • Libyan Dinar LYD
  • Tunisia Dinar TND
  • Ghanaian Cedis GHS
  • Sudanese Pounds SDG
  • Moroccan Dirham MAD
  • Botswana Pula BWP
  • South African Rand ZAR
  • Egyptian Pounds EGP
  • Eritrean Nakfa ERN
  • Zambian Kwacha ZMW

Top Highest Currencies In Africa

  1. Libyan Dinar Lyd

1 LYD To 264.70 NGN

Libya Dinar
Libya Dinar

Exchange rate: 1 USD To 1.36 LYD

Whenever you are poised or asked about the Highest Currencies In Africa, the answer is Libyan Dinar, this was as a result of the good economy and economy strategy that was set in place by the government of Libya. This country is an oil riches nation; it is brought to the limelight to the entire universe by the late President of the country Muammar Gaddafi. He was one of the leaders that helped boost the national economy, improve on the development of the country as well as setting landmark antecedents for their generation to come.

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The nation covers about 1.8 million sqm and in Africa, Libya is The Fourth Largest, and when you checked the profile of Libya in regards to the entire countries, it occupies the 16th position of the largest country in the world. And among the oil states in the world, Libya occupies the 10th largest oil reserve in the world. The federal capital of Libya is Tripoli which doubles to be the largest city in the whole country of Libya.





This city which is Tripoli holds the largest population of citizens in the whole of Libya which is about 6 million people. This nation currency remains the most valuable in the year 2020.

  1. Tunisia Dinar TND

1 TND To 146.63 NGN

Tunisia Dinar
Tunisia Dinar

Exchange rate: 1 USD To 2.45 TND

When you think about the second most valuable currencies and second Highest Currencies In Africa, the Tunisia Dinar fits into this position. This nation of one of the North Africa country, the country shares a border with the Sahara Desert and the Mediterranean Sea. The federal capital city of this country is Tunis which houses the Bardo Museum which is the Museum you could find the archaeological exhibits from Islamic art and Roman Mosaics. It goes for the whopping amount of 2.45 TND to 1 U.S dollars. There are other interesting facts you will need to know about this country if you are planning a visit or a tour to this country.

  1. Ghanaian Cedis GHS

1 GHS To 78.97 NGN

Ghanaian Cedis

Exchange rate: 1 USD To 4.55 GHS

Africa 3rd Highest Currency is the Ghanaian Cedis, this country is one of the West Africa country in the African continents which happened to house the giant of Africa Nigeria one of the Strongest countries on the whole of Africa. This country has leaders and strategist who knows how to manage and technically improve the country economy which was the reason while it ranked third in this list and of course, the country economy keeps increasing and all of their markets value keep appreciating.

This was the same countries that some years back, it was one of the poorest countries in the whole of Africa and the world entirely.

This currency keeps appreciating and constantly in competition with the dollar, but as of today, the value of Ghana Cedi is higher than Nigeria Naira.

  1. Sudanese PoundSDG

1 SDG To 51.27 NGN

Exchange Rate: 1 USD To 7.01 SDG

Sudanese PoundSDG
Sudanese PoundSDG

The next on this list is the Sudanese Pound; this is a North African country which happened to be another North Africa nation to appear on the list of countries with highest currencies in Africa. This currently used to maintain the position of the largest country in Africa and North Africa but recently he dropped down through the ranking to Algeria immediately South Sudan was pronounced as a country. The official name of this country is the Republic of Sudan, this countries maintain a border with the Red Sea at Northeast and at the North she border with Egypt and at the East, she shares border with Eritrea and Southeast with Ethiopia, and with South Sudan, she shares boundaries at the South, to the Southwest she shares borderless with the Central African Republic, she shares with the Republic of Chad at the west and finally at the Northwest also she shares boundaries with Libya.

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    1. Moroccan Dirham MAD

1 MAD To 38.50 NGN

Moroccan Dirham MAD
Moroccan Dirham MAD

Exchange rate:1 USD To 9.33 MAD

On this list is the Moroccan Dirham, it is in line after the Sudanese Pounds, to mentioned again, this country is another North Africa nation that will appear on this list. This country shares boundaries with the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, also this country is recognized by his attributes she shares with Arabian, Berber, and European traditional practices

  1. Botswana Pula BWP

1 BWP To 36.39 NGN

Exchange Rate: 1 USD To 9.88 BWP

Up next in the list is Botswana Currency. Botswana is a landlocked country which you can find in Southern Africa, you can describe her landscape by the Okavango Delta and the Kalahari Desert which becomes habitat and abode for bush animals when the flood and raining season comes. In this country, it has a large Central Kalahari Game Reserve which has a characteristics feature of the river valley that is fossizled and grasslands that is undulating. This grassland serves as an abode for different animals which ranges from Cheetahs, Giraffes, Wild Dogs and Hyenas.

  1. South African Rand ZAR

1 ZAR To 28.98 NGN

Exchange Rate:1 USD To 12.39 ZAR

This currency was once on the top of this list, but as the economy becomes tougher and stringent it fell below scale to her present location on the list. In the whole of Africa, South Africa happened to be one of the 2nd largest economies. You can locate this country at the Southernmost part of the Africa continent and have several distinct ecosystems. You can find the big game in the Kruger National Park that is located at the Inland of Safari.

In the Western Cape, you can find the beaches, and Winelands somewhere around Stellenbosch and Paarl, also you can find the craggy cliffs around Cape of Good Hope, you can as well found lagoons and forest around the Garden Route. You can find flat-topped Table Mountain at the Cape Town.

  1. Egyptian Pound EGP

Exchange Rate: 1 USD To 17.71 EGP

1 EGP To 20.29 NGN

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One of the popular Arab countries is Egypt and this country has been in existence even before the coming of Jesus Christ. The spectacular thing about this country is the Pyramids. This currency falls to this number on the list of Highest currencies in Africa.

This country serves as the link between Northeast Africa and the Middle East. Along the popular Nile River valley lies an ancient monument which is also a fertile area. This country houses the Great Sphinx, Giza’s colossal Pyramid, Luxor’s hieroglyph-lined Karnak Temple and also the Kings tombs.

The capital city of this country in Cairo, you can found different amusing figures in this country, you can find the landmark of Muhammad Ali mosque and the Egyptian Museum also the trove of antiquities and many more just to mention but few.

  1. Eritrean Nakfa ERN

1 ERN To 23.81 NGN

Exchange Rate:1 USD To 15.10 ERN

The second to the last country on this list is the Eritrean currency which fell at the 9th position. This country happened to be the home country of the wife of former Governor in Nigeria one of the nation in Africa. This country can be found in the Northeast to the great Red Sea coast. This country happened to be an Island and maintained boundaries with Sudan, Ethiopia, and Djibouti.

The capital city of this country is Asmara which is popularly known for her Italian colonial building which includes the St. Joseph Cathedral also with the art deco structure.

  1. Zambian Kwacha ZMW

1 ZMW To 0.030 NGN

Exchange rate:1 USD To 9.75 ZMW

On this list, the last currency to feature is the Zambian Kwacha, also this country happened to be landlocked country ditto. You can find this country in Southern Africa.

You can found some amazing figures in this country which includes the Victoria Falls that is fondly called locally Mosi-oa-Tunya or also called the Smoke That Thunders.

Conclusion On Top 10 Highest Currencies In Africa

You see the continent Africa is one of the continents is reckon with by the entire world society, it is paramount to know the countries among all of these countries that have the Most Valuable Currencies and the Highest In the of Africa. You can drop your view and response in the comment section to have feedback from our readers and audience.

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