Top 10 Most Polluted Cities In The World 2022

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Consideration for today’s post is Top 10 Most Polluted Cities In The World 2020-Pollution is very important to humans as high pollution rate in an environment could be detrimental to our health. The level of pollution varies from area to area and pollution also is of various types. The Most Polluted Cities In The World 2020 are ranked by the presence of fine particulate matter that is called PM2.5. P.M2.5 is a pollutant that can cause irritation deep in the lungs along with the bloodstream of humans. India the second most populous nation in the world and the world’s fastest-growing major economy accounts for 7 out of the top 10 Most Polluted Cities The World 2020. So let’s discuss the topic fully.


  • #1. Gurugram, India
  • Average PM2.5 Levels: 135.8 µg/m³

The Most Polluted City In The World currently is the Indian city if Gurugram. The city is located southwest of New Delhi in northern India. Gurugram is known as a financial and technology hub. The city, however, is battling serious pollution problems. Average PM2.5 level in the city is 135.8 µg/m³, the highest of any city in the world today. Despite this pollution problem, there are sites of tourist attraction in the city. The Kingdom of Dreams located in the city is a very large complex for theatrical shows. Sheetala Mata Mandir, an orange-and-white-striped Hindu temple also sits in the city while the Vintage Camera Museum showcases cameras as well as prints spanning a century. In the Western part of the city, Sultanpur National Park is home to hundreds of bird species.

Do you need to know the Top 10 Most Polluted Cities In The World 2020?

  • #2. Ghaziabad, India
  • Average PM2.5 Levels: 135.2 µg/m³
Ghaziabad, India
Ghaziabad, India

Second, on this list of Top 10 Most Polluted Cities In The World is Ghaziabad. This city grapples with a highly toxic PM2.5 average of 135.2 µg/m³. This Indian city lies in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Ghaziabad is sometimes referred to as the “Gateway of UP” due to its proximity to New Delhi, on the main route into Uttar Pradesh. The city forms part of the National Capital Region of Delhi. Ghaziabad is a large and well planned industrial city, with a population of about 2,358,525. The city is well connected by roads and railways and serves as the administrative headquarters of Ghaziabad District. It is also the original commercial, the industrial and educational centre of western Uttar Pradesh as well as a major rail junction for North India. Despite all this, the pollution challenge facing this city is well documented.

  • #3. Faisalabad, Pakistan
  • Average PM2.5 Levels: 130.4 µg/m³
Faisalabad, Pakistan
Faisalabad, Pakistan

The first non-Indian city on this list is Faisalabad, a city in Pakistan. The average PM2.5 level of the city currently stands at 130.4 µg/m³. Faisalabad was formerly known as Lyallpur and is the third most populous city in Pakistan. It is also the second largest in the eastern province of Punjab. The city is one of the first planned cities within British India and has since developed into a cosmopolitan metropolis. Faisalabad so far has grown to become a major industrial and distribution centre in Pakistan because of its central location in the region and connecting roads, rails, and air transportation.





  • #4. Faridabad, India
  • Average PM2.5 Levels: 129.1 µg/m³
Faisalabad, Pakistan
Faisalabad, Pakistan

The Indian city of Faridabad sits in 4th place. Average PM2.5 level in the city is 129.1. This large city is in the north Indian state of Haryana and lies just southeast of New Delhi. The city is home to the Raja Nahar Singh Palace, a renovated 18th-century landmark which has elegant arches. The city also has two public rose gardens, including one that is located near the Nahar Singh cricket stadium. Pollution is also a challenge this city is coping with.

  • #5. Bhiwadi, India
  • Average PM2.5 Levels: 125.4 µg/m³

Bhiwadi is a city situated in the Alwar district of Rajasthan state in India. The city is an industrial hub in Rajasthan and forms part of the National Capital Region. The average PM2.5 level in the city is 125.4 µg/m³. The implication of this is that there is a high level of pollution in the city which is why it features in 5th place on this list.

  • #6. Noida, India
  • Average PM2.5 Levels: 123.6 µg/m³

Top of the bottom half of this list of Most Polluted Cities In The World 2020 in Noida. Noida is yet another Indian city on this list. The average PM2.5 level in the city is 123.6 µg/m³. The city of Noida is a well-planned city in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. The riverside Okhla Bird Sanctuary is home to migratory as well as native birds, plus jackals and also butterflies. Some of the plants at the Botanic Garden of Indian Republic include water lilies and cacti. The ISKCON Noida temple has a diorama that is depicting the life of Lord Krishna. Southwest of Noida, is the 10th-century Surajkund lake reservoir with the ruins of a sun temple.

  • #7. Patna, India
  • Average PM2.5 Levels: 119.7 µg/m³

Patna, India is 7th. The city is battling with an average level of 119.7 µg/m³ of PM2.5. The ancient city of Patna sprawls along the south bank of the Ganges River in Bihar, northeast India. The city is the state capital and is home to Bihar Museum, a contemporary landmark that is exhibiting bronze sculptures as well as old coins from the region. Nearby, the Indo-Saracenic–style Patna Museum displays a casket that is believed to contain the Buddha’s ashes.

  • #8. Hotan, China
  • Average PM2.5 Levels: 116 µg/m³

The city of Hotan, located in the People’s Republic of China is another city seriously combating pollution. The average level of PM2.5 in the city stands at 116 µg/m³ and lands the city in 8th place on this list. Hogan is a major oasis town in the southwestern area of Xinjiang, an autonomous region in western China. The city proper of Hotan was broken off from the larger Hotan County to become an administrative area in its own right in August 1984. Hotan is the seat of Hotan Prefecture and has a population of 322,300. The city is situated in the Tarim Basin about 1,500 kilometres southwest of the regional capital, Ürümqi and lies just north of the Kunlun Mountains, which are crossed by the Sanju, Hindutash, as well as the Ilchi, passes. The population of the town is almost exclusively made up of Uyghurs. Hotan is a minor agricultural centre, but pollution is a problem facing the city.

  • #9. Lucknow, India
  • Average PM2.5 Levels: 115.7 µg/m³

9th on this list is Lucknow, a city in India. It is the last Indian city on this list of Most Polluted Cities In The World 2020. The average level of PM2.5 in Lucknow currently is 115.7 µg/m³, and this isn’t particularly impressive. Lucknow is a huge city in northern India and is the capital city of the state of Uttar Pradesh. The pollution level in this city isn’t at an acceptable level at all. More work has to go in towards lowering the level of pollution in this Indian city.

  • #10. Lahore, Pakistan
  • Average PM2.5 Levels: 114.9 µg/m³

Lahore, Pakistan is the second Pakistani city on this list and the last on this countdown. Average PM2.5 level in Lahore is 114.9 µg/m³. The capital of the Pakistani province of Punjab, Lahore is also the second most populous city in Pakistan after Karachi. Lahore is located in the north-eastern part of Pakistan’s Punjab province. The city is one of the wealthiest cities in Pakistan. The estimated GDP of Lahore as of 2017 stands at $127 billion. The city is the historic cultural centre of the Punjab region and is also one of Pakistan’s most socially liberal, progressive, and cosmopolitan cities. The origins of Lahore reach into antiquity as the city has been controlled by numerous empires throughout its history. Some of the empires to have controlled Lahore include the Hindu Shahis, Ghaznavids, Ghurids, and Delhi Sultanate by the medieval era. The city reached the height of its splendour during the era of the Mughal Empire between the late 16th and early 18th century and served as its capital for quite some years. Today, the city is battling a severe pollution problem.

Conclusion On Top 10 Most Polluted Cities In The World 2020-All You Need To Know

These are the Most Polluted Cities In The World 2020. These cities have very high levels of pollution. The pollution challenge is there, finding lasting solutions to it is critical now in order to make these cities safer for its inhabitants.

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