Top 10 Richest Youtubers in the World 2021

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Hello everyone, today we are going to be answering the question “Who are the richest YouTubers in the World?”. Are you excited? We can’t wait to unveil to you the masterminds who have successfully turned YouTube into a fortune mine. Also, we are going to be revealing their channels and their secret recipe that makes people keep coming back for more like grandma’s cookies.

YouTube which began as a simple video sharing and blogging site has metamorphosed to a reputable market place of its own. The daily usage of YouTube is estimated at 1.3Billion people! Just think about all those views. It was Forbes that broke the silence on how high YouTube content providers were earning in 2015 when they released their first-ever list of the world’s richest YouTubers. As with the growing trend of social media influencer stardom as well as traditional celebrity stardom, many of this YouTubers take advantage of the attention they have to diversify their income need through merchandising of their products.


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On all of Forbes’ list, only the YouTubers – Smosh, Lilly Singh, and PewDiePie have earned a spot in all. This takes us to the next section – Who are they?

·        #1. Daniel Middleton (YouTube Channel: DanTDM)

·        Earnings: $16.5 million

·        Subscribers: 19 million

Daniel Middleton is the Richest Youtuber in the world 2019.
Daniel Middleton is the Richest Youtuber in the world in 2020.

As of Today, the Wealthiest YouTuber in The World is this guy Daniel Middleton! Daniel is a British guy from the United Kingdom, but it was not the sexy British accent that gave him success. Instead, he claims to success came from his experience and expertise on the Minecraft Videos that he displays in his videos.

Outside of YouTube, Daniel a millennial born in 1991 has found some success with comic books and a host of TV shows. However, his earning superpower remains the views he acquires on his Minecraft videos, inclusive of gaming sponsorships and merchandise.

Who are the Top 10 Wealthiest Youtubers In The World 2020?

·        #2. Evan Fong ((YouTube Channel: VanossGaming)

·        Earnings: $15.5 million

·        Subscribers: 23 million


The second Richest YouTuber in the world helps us to realise that it not just about the number of subscribers that guarantees success. Although his channel has 4 million more subscribers than Daniel’s DanTDM channel. Evan Fong, he only slightly lags behind number 1. Evan Fong’s videos are more diverse than Daniel’s, rather than focus on one theme, and he is reputed for his creative and peculiar video editing style.

Earlier in 2015, Evan rendered his expertise as one of the creative directors on the Dead Realm – a video game project. He also co-wrote a computer-animated video series called Paranormal Action Squad. His channel – The VanossGaming channel was created in September 2011.  And in the lifetime of its existence, the circuit has grossed a total of 9.3 billion views. Also a millennial, Evan was born in 1991 and lives in Canada.

·        #3. Dude Perfect

·        Earnings: $14 million

·        Subscribers: 31 million

Dude Perfect
Dude Perfect

The third wealthiest Youtubers in this list consist of a synergy of 5 people called the Dude Perfect. The group has five members; the Cotton twins brother Cory and Coby maybe the gravity centre of the group, three of their friends from high school are part of the project from the beginning. Outside of running one of the most subscribed channels on YouTube, the Dude Perfect crew have developed their mobile app. They have a working partnership with Nickelodeon who is running a TV show named after their group.

Featuring celebrities and Professional athletes, the group have built a much-loved brand around sporting activities. Their videos always have accompanying elements of humour.

·        #4. Mark Edward Fischbach (YouTube Channel: Markiplier)

·        Earnings: $12.5 million

·        Subscribers: 20 million

Mark Edward Fischbach
Mark Edward Fischbach

Gaming fan does love their pastime. Gaming puts another video producer among the ranks of the Richest YouTubers in the world. Mark Fischbach majorly produces what He tags LetsPlay videos. He may not be suitable for a younger audience because of cursing and yelling that is a magnificent part of his commentary and narration style.

Mark’s preferred genre of games is indie and horror video. In addition to his gaming spree, Mark’s daytime job is acting as a voice actor for numerous TV shows.

·        #5. Logan Paul

·        Earnings: $12.5 million

·        Subscribers: 17 million

Logan Paul
Logan Paul

Logan Paul loves controversy. His recent stunt with the Japanese suicide incident made him viral. In the space of three years, He has racked in over 3 billion views on his YouTube channel. His bold style launched him to YouTube stardom.

·        #6. Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg (YouTube Channel: PewDiePie)

·        Earnings: $12.5 million

·        Subscribers: 63 million

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Felix Kjellberg from Sweden may not be the wealthiest YouTuber today, but he owns the most subscribed channel on all of YouTube at only 28 years old. Also, a gaming commentator is rumoured to be one of the wealthiest celebrity whose success is internet based.

For some reasons, however, Felix’s annual income has been declining for two years in a row now. Some are suggesting that He is past his prime as he begins to enter the middle ages. Apart from gaming, the world’s most known YouTuber is a published author, whose books have sold more than 112,00 copies. He also hosted a very successful web series on YouTube Red called Scare PewDiePie.

·        #7. Jake Paul

·        Earnings: $11.5 million

·        Subscribers: 15 million

Jake Paul is Logan Paul’s younger brother (Number 5 on our list). He is an actor, a musician, and a YouTube video producer who saw early success on Vine. He began his Youtube career in 2013 and has since gained over 4 billion views.

A twist in his career was the release of his song ‘It’s Everyday Bro’ which was released on May 30. 2017. It has initial success gaining over 70 million views in a single month, but the video went on to become one of the most disliked videos on YouTube ever. At only 22 barring scandals and controversy, he has the prospect of becoming one of the richest YouTubers for the years to come.

·        #8. Ryan ToysReview

·        Earnings: $11 million

·        Subscribers: 14 million

At number is YouTube’s first child superstar. He is only seven years old. His videos as the channel’s name suggest captures success using the sentimental value of family, childhood and childcare. Ryan opens toys and plays with them. His satisfaction with the performance of the new toy is his review.  Despite how simple this is, he managed to win the hearts of over 14 million subscribers in less than four years. Wow!

The channel uploads new videos every day. His most popular video titled ‘Huge Eggs Surprise Toys Challenge’ has been viewed more than 1.3 billion times. The Ryan ToysReview channel is to the toy industry what the PewDiePie channel is to the gaming industry. The popularity of this YouTube channel will continue to grow, and with it, the kind of influence that toy maker would seek to utilise.

·        #9. Smosh

·        Earnings: $11 million

·        Subscribers: 23 million

This channel is the oldest YouTube channel on this list since its creation in 2005. Smosh is brought to us by the partnership of two comedians Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla. This duo joins the rank of the richest YouTubers for their significant contribution in creating some of the most iconic video-game music videos and parodies.

Smosh’s numerous ongoing web series has attracted more than 7 billion views. Amazingly, they have won themselves several recognition awards.

·        #10. Lilly Singh (YouTube Channel: IISuperwomanII)

·        Earnings: $10.5 million

·        Subscribers: 13 million

And Finally *drum rolls* the richest female YouTuber in the world is a gift from Canadian! (wait a minute there anybody of this list from the US?) Combining comedy video production and singing, Lilly Singh (or is it sing) is the mastermind behind the immensely known YouTube channel known as Superwoman. With her superpower, her earning has surpassed the $10 million mark.

The amazingly talented Canadian beauty has been producing dolling out YouTube videos since the year 2010. With her heartwarming videos, she has acquired over 2 billion in views.

Asides being a YouTube superstar, Lilly has been featured favourite films like Dr Cabbie, Fahrenheit 451 or Bad Moms, to mention but a few. She is evidence of creativity beyond twerking among female YouTubers. And hopefully, we would have more women on this list and then possibly gender equity and women empowerment will give us a thumbs up.





Conclusion On Top 10 Richest Youtubers In The World 2020- Channels And All You Need To Know

YouTube is like New York, a big apple that anyone daring enough and thirsty enough can find success. It is not a place to expect overnight success. Even one viral video is not enough to guarantee success. But as with any creative endeavour, consistency and continuity will pay off, eventually.

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