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Freelance Writing Jobs 2020-This is one of the things that improves a writer; it also presents you to those in need of content as up to date writer or freelancer. It is quite alarming on the various source of information one reads online today, one gets to different blogs in expectation of a topic but getting to the webpage, you see relative different things which are quite appalling. As a blogger, season writer and of course academician, I have come to the resort to start my mini training and teachings for all bloggers, writers, and people that write for my blog, as the common saying, you start what you preach from the tenets of your house.


Here are the few things I will be teaching you in this section

·        Keywords writing

·        How to use LSI

·        How To Carry Readers Along in Your Contents

·        How to improve your write up outlooks?

·        How to keep yourself updated as a freelancer and blogger

·        #1. Keyword writing

Starting a career as a blogger or a Freelance Jobs it is not what is quite interesting at the beginning, it takes people with passion and zeal to stay glued to the screen of their various gadgets to keep doing what they love doing. The keyword for any Blogger can be seen as the key to good contents; the keyword can be view as the torchlight light you hold while you are in the darkness, which means it will always point people to your direction. Researchers keep up with keywords researchers overtime end their considerable time for research, after this, the keywords most of the time will be given to writers for developing a content around it with a require words, it is expected of a season writers, not to the intention the keywords are researched for, must make readers got at least 85% of what brought them to the blog or the platform they click on to read information doing this may not be easy but will the help of LSI words, you can actually get meaningful information for your readers.


Take note, when a writer sends you a keyword, always start your first sentence with the keywords the blogger posted you it will not only improve the blog contents, but it will make bloggers see you as a professional freelancer. with this, you can get more Freelance Jobs from a various platform that needs the server of Freelance Writing.


Keywords are Top Technological Company In Africa

How To Use:

Hey friends today on our Series of Top Technological Company In Africa, we will be giving you full information about the following

Top 10 technologies Company in Africa (Here you can make use of LSI keywords)

Top best companies in Nigeria 2020 (here also is advisable to make use of LSI keywords)

Also, take note, always start the keywords initial with capital letters and also ensure they occur in your content at least five times but not more than, you can also replace the rest with LSI words but ensure the major keywords is used at least five times


If writer send you top technology company in Africa your contents, they should appear like this

Top Technology Company In Africa

The differences here in is the capitalization of each word initials.

·        #2. LSI words

This means alternatives to words readers search for; you can get most of these words at bottom pages of google after you search for a word, they can be view as related searched also, then this brings us the point how do I use LSI in my contents? It is quite simple here are the few steps to sue LSI words.

·        First search for your significant contents and focus keywords, copy the information you need to a documents

·        Copy at least 5 of the LSI words in your documents also

·        Click on each link leading to your LSI on google, copy related information to it

Then in your content, while writing, make use of the LSI words in your writing and include some on the subject matters you will be focusing. This is important because you are giving open ways to reasonable questions that readers may be searching for, and the answers will be provided in your write-ups.


Keywords: 4 business tip for Adewebs technologies

After searching for four business tip for Adewebs technologies, I will copy every information about Adewebs technologies I will need, after this, move to the bottom page where you can find related LSI like

freelance writing jobs 2019
freelance writing jobs 2020

Technologies in Africa 2020

Top technologies company in Nigeria

Software companies in Africa

With these LSI words, I can make use of them in my primary content


If you write about “top Technologies in Nigeria” you will do well by writing on Adebs Technologies’. Most “top technologies in Africa 2020” has stepped up their games which can be seen in the likes of Adewebs technologies which ranked among the “top technologies In Nigeria.”

With my example above the quoted words are the LSI words, and you can see the way I make use of them in a sentence, I do not mean you should congest your whole write up with ISI keys, but I merely demonstrated to you how you could make use of LSI keywords, it improves your search appearance, it gives you values as a writer who writes for top blogs.

·        #3. How to carry your Readers Along In your contents

One of the primary focus of every writer or someone who take up a Freelance Jobs would be, you will see yourself in front of the class, your readers are your students or audience, the same manner you be giving information steps by step should be the way you write and arrange your contents. It is always advisable after a brief introduction at. First, you should list what your readers should be expecting in your write-ups, so you must have gotten all your subheadings which are always advisable you should make use of LSI words for your most subheading example

Example: Keywords is Top Freelancing Jobs In Africa

Hey! Readers, welcome to the series of our update on informative update, today we will be taking a look at the Top Freelancing jobs in Africa, as you know one of the best things for a man or women in search of online Business is to sit at the comfort of his room and get income directly to his account, so here are what will be looking at today

Top 10 freelancing website in Africa

How To improve your writing skill

Top 10 freelancing jobs in Africa

Top platform for freelancers in the world

All of the above questions are always recommended to include your LSI keys, with this, you must have answered over five questions just one topic, this will reduce the stress of writing indecently for all other LSI questions.

·        #4. Improve Your Write-up outlook

Just like is a usual phenomenal all over the world, outward appearance and looks will speak volume about your contents, writer or bloggers that writes sharply without distinct outline and well-written information on their blogs tend to lose more users due to bad presentation of ideas, your words may contain well-meaning contents and helpful information but are not properly handle and presented, you will lose your traffics so here are my recommendations for Freelance Jobs in the year 2020

·        Number your contents properly:

There are various ways to give a numbering to your points, the most appropriate ways is using the # before all of your points


List of top 10 technologies company in Africa includes

#1. Adewebs Technologies.

Your contents should go here after listing

#2. WOW, writers:

Your contents should go these ways

·        Have a brief break and subheading after your first 5 points

What do I me here? You can present good ideas to writers immediately you get their attention they check down the list of your points, you can quickly cheap in related “LSI words as a subtopic” this will improve your presentations and makes your readers know you have prepared enough materials for the subject matters.

·        #5. How To Keep Up to date as a writer

I often discuss with my writers, I write as well, even though my website development took most of my time, but I keep myself up to date by constant reading and ready to write, you can only improve as a writer if you are good at reporting and presenting your content to readers who are empty but you full their tabula rasa to brim after they read your content.




Conclusions On Top 5 Best Tips For Freelance Writing Jobs In 2020- Detailed Information- kenyaprime.Com

I targeted this topic to help writers improve on their presentation as bloggers in Nigeria or blogs that are own by Africans always lack the rudiments of standard blogs contents which are always available in other countries. So I indulge every reader in keeping to mind most of the things I have mentioned in this posts most especially the use of LSI in the body of contents, writing and making use of related words people searched for online.

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