Uche Kenneth Udekwe is TACKLING Covid-19 With Natal Cares

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Healthcare is abysmal in Nigeria. The average Nigerian population is grossly underserved by a system that punishes doctors for choosing medicine and punishes patients for not being able to afford private care. In response to the abysmal state of healthcare in Nigeria, some Nigerians have committed their time, resources, and expertise to understand the pain of both parties and finding solutions that provide a sustainable solution. At the forefront of this innovation is Uche Kenneth Udekwe.

Uche has personal reasons for joining this fight, he personally experienced the shortcoming of an underdeveloped medical system when his childhood friend and sister-in-law died as a result of complications from a difficult birth. The futility of the situation and the fact that there were obvious loopholes that could have improved her care and perhaps saved her life, convinced Uche to take an active role in fighting to reduce significantly the incidence of maternal and child deaths in Nigeria.

Adhering to and believing strongly in his notion that “No human life is too big to be saved and none is too small to be lost” Uche Kenneth Udekwe offers medical facilities that specialize in administering appropriate health care to pregnant women in rural regions across the country where otherwise is beset with inadequate medical resources. Using his talents as a polyglot to build trust with women across the country and guide them towards better healthcare.

In response to the COVID-19 Pandemic, Uche has innovatively positioned his Social Enterprise NATAL CARES to harness the power of mobile technology, Machine Learning, and low-cost innovation to provide all-inclusive Preventive solutions to stay safe from the Corona Virus specifically focusing on individuals living in the under-served community and IDP Camps in Nigeria.

Everyone get Natalcares Covid pack
Everyone get Natalcares Covid pack

In order to bridge the health information gap existing in under-served communities, By harnessing the power of mobile technology, Natal Cares delivers valuable information about the symptoms of the Corona Virus, W.H.O Recommended Preventive Measures, Daily Statistics from around the world, Africa and Nigeria, and other necessary information needed to stay safe. These messages are sent in SIX different indigenous Languages (Igbo, Yoruba, Hausa, Pidgin, French, and English) to individuals on their BASIC MOBILE PHONES which is easily accessible. They don’t need a smartphone to access the service.

Natal Cares has also developed a basic, ultra-affordable COVID-19 Preventive KIT carefully furnished by her healthcare professionals containing sterile supplies that every individual especially in under-served communities and IDP Camps need in order to stay safe from the Corona Virus. The PILOT Kit typically contains (Hand Sanitizer, Face Masks, Hand Gloves, Handkerchiefs, Antiseptic Soap, Tissue Paper, Disinfectant, and Hand Towel).

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