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World Hunger Statistics 2020, despite various countries in the world been blessed with riches and development both in technology, economic aspect, and other aspects, which hereby contributes immensely to the removal of hunger and poverty in the country, lots of people across the world still lives in abject penury and poverty, many must have questioned why is their increase in the World Hunger Statistics? What is the global effect of poverty on other nations?. Well, it may be due to one factor or the other, and probably maybe a self-caused problem. Hunger comes with the increase in the rate of poverty in the country; here is what I mean? If the larger population of a particular country happens to be poor, then there are higher chances of the country to go into famine, thereby resulting in hunger across the whole country. Numerous countries in the world have been noted to strive with longing around the globe, and the funniest aspect of it all is that the countries that are acknowledged for hunger keep drowning in the pool of hunger, while the rich keep getting rich, now why does that have to be the case? Well, it’s due to the developmental techniques each country applies to the economic situation of the country. Okay, guys, let’s get straight up with the topic we have on the ground today, we would seize this opportunity to discuss “World Hunger Facts for the Year 2020”.


World Hunger Facts 2020

  • The number of people discovered across the world to be hungry is roughly above 800 million.

  • The number of hungry people in Asia is roughly 515 million.
  • In Africa, the discovered number of hungry masses is above 255 million.
  • In the Caribbean and the Latin America side, there are roughly discovered 39 million people to be hungry.
  • Children across the world under the age of 5 affected by low weight for their age otherwise known as stunting are roughly above 150 million which makes up 22.2 %
  • Under five-year-old children affected by low weight for the height, they possess are 50.5 million.
  • Under five-year-old children who are discovered to have weights higher than their heights are about 38 million.
  • Adults who are found to be obese are roughly about 672 million
  • The percentage of women across the globe with reproductive age kicked against by anemia is 32.8%
  • The percentages of infants below the age of 6 months who are still under breastfeed are 40.7%.
  • The foods produce across the planet is discovered to be more than enough to feed the whole planet yet a massive number of people sleep with an empty stomach each passing day.
  • Small scale farmers and herders, as well as fishers, are known or discovered to produce roughly about 70% of the supply of global food, yet they are the ones under the attack of food scarcity due to poverty as they are found rampant amongst the rural regions and population.
  • The conflict also stands as the major cause of hunger across the world; what do I mean? A situation whereby two regions are meant to benefit from each other about the food resources they both have, but the present of conflict or disagreement amongst them brings about food insecurity termed as hunger.

 Do You Know that World Hunger Statistics 2018 was a global phenomeona? and also World Hunger Statistics 2020 stood at an alarming figure?

  • What do we mean by hunger?

Well, Hunger is a popular term used by the masses to describe the absence or scarcity of food across a particular region, and when it comes to defining hunger individually, hunger is a situation whereby the stomach yells for food, and there is no food to eat. That’s a lame man definition of hunger, and I presume everyone probably sees this, so should break down to their understanding as everyone doesn’t stand at the same level, I suppose you should understand what I mean, anyway, let’s get back to our discussion before we talk off keys.


  • Hunger Definition According To The United Nations

Following reports pertaining to the definition of hunger across the world as of the year 2017, hunger was defined by the United Nations (UN) as a term used in determining periods whereby the populous are under the attack of food insecurity which implies that they starve for a whole day or more without getting o to eat something due to insufficient fund, inability to access food, and other resources.

  • Defining Hunger With Short Key Terms

Right here we are going to layout different short key terms we know which could go in line with the term hunger with getting off bars; these key terms are accepted popularly by the masses as the fact of hunger or what hunger is called or means. Here are the short key terms made uses of;

  • Hunger is known as a distressed period related to the absence of food. The presence of food scarcity or the process of depriving one’s self of food is calculated to be fewer than 1, 800 calories each day.
  • The adequate security on foods is associated with the availability of food as well as the access to food and utilization of food resources. When an individual or person is provided with adequate access to enough nutritious and healthy food to keep up with the standard of health, that period is considered food secure, and therefore hunger has no place right there.
  • Malnutrition does not only point accusing fingers on under-nutrition but also takes along over-nutrition which happens to be a significant problem across the globe with balanced diets.
World Hunger Statistics 2019
World Hunger Statistics 2020
  • Noted Causes Of Hunger

Hunger is found to strongly emanate from the presence of poverty in a particular region; more also, it involves the connection of an arrangement of social, demographic, political, and societal factors. Parts and people who happen to live in poverty are often attacked with food insecurity which is known to be hunger, they make use of care practices that are not deemed fit for human lives, they reside in an unsafe environment which definitely has limited access to good and quality drinking water, good hygienic life, and sanitation, furthermore, the non-availability of health education and services as well which all joins hand together to form what we now refer to as hunger across the globe today.

Reports Concerning World Hunger From The United Nations (Un)

World Hunger Statistics According to the reports derived from the UN; global hunger is discovered to rise continually and if not check may lead to unexpected cases in the global environment

Evidence has been gotten, which continues to point at the alarming increase rate in hungry masses and following the reports to the current state of nutrition and food security in the world for the year 2020, limited progress has been made towards the eradication of hunger from the planet.

Hunger has been discovered to be at an alarming rise rate over the past years, at this moment returning the world to the level it was about a decade ago. Before this backward development, a clear warning was denoted that moves must be made urgently across the globe to attain the proposed level of zero hunger across the globe by the year 2030.

However, as stated by the United Nations, this hunger situation is known or noted to be worst at regions such as South America and most regions in Africa while it tends to be slowing down in Asia even though Asia has the largest population of hungry people across the world.

The reports made each year by the United Nation (UN) states that factors such as climatic variability which tends to affect the pattern of rainfall as well as seasons of agriculture, more also, climate edges which include floods and drought are the major key factors backing up the rise of hunger across the globe.  

  • The bang of the changes in climate on Hunger  

The changes discovered from climates are known to be discouraging the manufacture of major crops across the world such as rice, wheat, and maize in temperate regions as well as tropical regions, if continued this way without an immediate solution such as climate resilience, things are stated to go worse as the temperature increases and become more tremendous.

According to report analysis, the dominance of hungry people are found to be higher in regions or countries which are exposed highly to climate extremes, and backing this up to become worse is the high population waiting on the agricultural systems which are highly sensitive to variability in temperature as well as rainfall.

The anomalies in the temperate climate of a particular region over agricultural cropping areas are noted to get higher continually than the longer period of the year 2011 to 2016, which thereby led to the often spells of tremendous heat in the past few years. Furthermore, there are notable changes in the seasons of rainfall which includes the early or late start of rainy periods and the variability of rainfall within a certain season and the other.

The harm to agricultural products donates to the shortfalls in the availability or presence of adequate food, with subsidiary effects grounding food price inflation as well as loss of income which leads to the reduction of access of people to adequate food.

  • Crawling Progress On Ending Malnutrition 

Limited progress has been achieved in the reduction of child stunting, according to the report from UN which states that, with a close range of 151 million children under the age of 5 years shorter than their age aided by the harmful malnutrition which occurred few years back weigh against the 165 million of the year 2012 are signs of Crawling progress in the aspect of achieving a zero hunger across the world. Across the globe, Asia and Africa are noted to be occupied by 55% and 39% stunted children under the age of 5 respectively.

The predominance of child wasting (Weight lower than their age) is found to be stagnant and tremendously high in Asia whereby with evaluation, almost 1 in 10 children under the very tender age of five has weights which are lower than their height, weighed against just one in a total of 100 in the Caribbean and Latin America.

The report also disclosed by the United Nations (UN) is described as “shameful” prior to the facts that one in three women discovered to be of reproductive age across the whole world kicked against by anemia, which is reported to possess momentous development and health consequences for the women involved as well as their children. As far as we know, no region across the globe has shown rejection in anemia amongst the women of known to be of reproductive age, and the incidence of anemia in women of reproductive age in Africa and Asia is closely thrice higher than in that of the women in North America.

World Hunger Solutions 2020

Even though the world hunger rate is rising at a troubling heart rate, there are possible solutions and possible ways to alleviate if not eradicate hunger in the world.

  • Developed Nation helping developing nations:

One of the ways to alleviate poverty and hunger in the world is for nations who are developed to give a helping hand to nations that are underdeveloped and need support from a nation with surplus resources.

  • Non-governmental bodies should come to the aid of developing nations:

There should be field workers who will go to different nations with increasing poverty rate an increase in hunger to cater to hungry people. Also, financial aids should be made available to nations that are severely affected by hunger.

  • Ecosystem Check:

For a nation with a bad climate which may in one way or the other affect the growth of crop and affect their soils, seminars and training should be done in these areas to sanitized them on how they could grow their crops and foods from alternatives.

Why Is World Hunger A Problem?

  • Increase In The Rate Of Obesity

The obesity in Adults today is found to grow at an alarming rate as over one in eight adults across the world is obese. The problem of obesity is mostly discovered in North America, which implies that the higher rate of obesity is discovered in North America, although Africa and Asia also experience the same problem, rising at an upward trend as stated by the report.

  • Increase Death Rate:

The rate at which hunger strike has drastically increase the rate of death all over the world; in fact, research shows that the number of people who die of starvation has grown over the years.

  • Increase crime rate:

The tendency for people who are under starvation to commit a crime is very high just like the normal saying that a hungry man is an angry man. So, this has increased the rate of crime in most countries today.

Conclusion On Hunger Facts 2020: All You Need To Know

Afterward, the reports made by the United Nations urges the implementation and scale-up of interventions focused at the guaranteed access of the hungry masses to adequate nutritious foods, not just any form of meal, and also urges the break of the intergenerational malnutrition cycle across the globe. More also, policies are to shift special and major attention to various groups who are found more opened to the dangerous consequences of inadequate food access for infants, under five aged children, adolescent females, and women. There you have the trending world hunger facts; it saddens me to see still poor masses yell for food in the absence of adequate food, well we would as well urge for the resilience of temperate climates which contributes more to the scarcity of foods in certain regions across the globe.

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