Top 10 Ways to Get Free Back Links for Your Website

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Our discussion in this article today is centered on 10 Ways you can Get Free Backlinks for Your Website. A backlink is an important feature of SEO. Backlinks are links that redirect internet users from one website to a page on another website. The essence of incorporating a backlink to your website is to let other sites and pages reference with your link so that they can be redirected to your site. We have provided you with information on backlink including High-Quality Backlinks Free.


Backlinks are important in web search and makes it easy for search engines to pop-up your website when similar content is surfed for by internet users. As such, backlink works with organic traffic, which is when someone accesses your site or via the search engine’s results page. Knowing the importance of Backlink to rank your website or page high in search engine results, we have provided you with High Quality Backlinks Free and 10 Ways you can Get Free Back links for Your Website

  1. The broken-link building method
  2. Backlinks through infographics
  3. The advantage of guest articles
  4. Spy on your competitors
  5. Build internal links
  6. Promote your content
  7. Write testimonials
  8. Contact journalists and important bloggers
  9. Social Media
  10. Get interviewed
  • #1. The Broken-link Building Method

The Broken-link Building Method is a tested and trusted means of getting free backlink for your website and it works perfectly and seamlessly. This process involves contacting a webmaster to report broken links on his/her website. At the same time, other websites are recommended to replace that link. That is the gap needed to make mention and provide your own website details. The webmaster see this as a favor by reporting the broken links, there us a high chance of getting a backlink to your website.

As such, it is important that you find a relevant website in your area of expertise by searching on Google or other search engines using these methods:

  • Your keyword + links
  • your keywords + resources
  • keywords inurl:links

Note: download “Check my Links” plug in on Google chrome to aid checking for broken links.

  • #2. Backlinks through Infographics

Another means of getting a backlink for your website is through infographics. This has come in handy and become one of the most explored means of getting a backlink for your website. Backlinks can be generated from infographics through

  • Content creation: The first and important process is to create the infographic
  • Next is to publish your Infographic and then submit
  • You need to engage in potential websites search. Search websites with similar niche’
  • Also, don’t forget e-mail addresses collection and e-mail outreach campaign.
  • #3. The advantage of guest articles

Still on our discussion on 10 Ways you can Get Free Back links for Your Website, we also consider taking advantage of guest articles to get free backlink. This is also referred to as Guest Blogging and it is a very useful way to reach out to online audience. You can do this by posting your materials (i.e. articles) on other people’s page thereby giving your content the exposure and large audience it needs as well as increasing your online reputation.

  • #4. Spy on your competitors

Taking us further as we provide you with ways of getting High Quality Backlinks Free in this article, another approved and fast method we offer you is to Spy on your competitors. This is like getting into the mind of your opponents and knowing what they are doing or thinking. Social media is a better platform for you to carry out your ambition of knowing the current update about your competitors. All you need do is to look for their earning techniques, link-building, content-marketing methods etc. Another means is to follow them on social media or better still subscribe to their newsletter to get notification of new events. Also, don’t miss out any vital information that will help you build your site from your competitors.

  • #5. Build Internal Links

As we continue in our venture of getting free backlinks, another way of getting free backlinks for your website is to Build Internal Links. Internal backlinks helps you develop a sturdy website allowing visitors to easily navigate your site to find relevant articles. Building an Internal Links for your website is integral for SEO and it helps you to attract and retain visitors. An important tip is to make use of technical terms content relevant to your niche.

  • #6. Promote your Content

Promoting your content also makes our list of 10 Ways you can Get Free Back links for Your Website. This is a lot of hard work but it is worth it if done right and it makes your content as well as your website to reach a large audience. You can contact bloggers or social media influencers who can go through your content and help you promote it. This process sure works because bloggers and influencers are looking for constantly looking for great content that will also promote their own website so there is every chance they will hear you out.

  • #7. Write Testimonials

Going further in our discussion on getting backlinks for free is to write testimonials for websites you are using. This is not tasking neither is it time consuming. You need to reach out to website owners stating that you want to feature your testimony on their website. There is every chance of your proposal been granted if you frequently patronize the organization.

  • #8. Contact Journalists and Important Bloggers

As we gradually approach the end of our discussion, we also deemed it necessary to provide High Quality Backlinks Free. You also need to Contact Journalist and important Bloggers; you need to tell the world about your business. You need to send e-mail reaching out to journalists and influencers who are experts in your field, this process comes in very handy and helps you advertise your business to a wide range of audience. If you can’t send an e-mail, then you can try social media by reaching out to influencers on the platform.

  • #9. Social Media

Nearly half the world’s population is in one social media or more. Social media has proven to be an instrumental way of getting free back links for your website. You can use popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube among others. All you need do is to create a platform for your business on social media (i.e. any of the ones listed above) and there you can promote your business and also interact with users. Mores o, you can link the social media platform with your website.

  • #10. Get interviewed

One of the cheap means of getting High Quality Backlinks Free is to get interviewed. The importance of online interview cannot be overemphasized and it has proven to be an integral and easy means to earn backlinks to your website. All you need do is to become a master in your field; also surf fir websites that offer interviews informing them of your interest to participate and what knowledge you can contribute.

Note: Mind you this list is not exhaustive and there are still many ways you can get back links for your website. However the tips in this article have all been tested and are affirmed working that is why we have shared them with you. A lot of things are put in consideration when getting a backlink so you need to make your findings properly so that you can at the right and appropriate backlinks for your website that will push your website to the top of Google search engine or any other.

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Conclusion on 10 Ways you can Get Free Backlinks for Your Website

That is the much we can discuss in this article centered on 10 Ways you can Get Free Backlinks for Your Website. These processes can work for you even if you are beginner. Having your website to pop-up whenever there is a search pertaining your niche is very important and you have to do all it takes to achieve such fit and one of the process is getting a backlinks which have been judiciously discussed in this article. We hope you find this article helpful, let us hear your thought by giving us a feedback.

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