15 Functions Of English Language In Nigeria

Nigeria is the most populated country in Africa and is made up of several Trina and ethnic units. There are over 200 languages spoken in the country, and as a result, there has to be an adopted language as a  medium of communication. English is the official language of Nigeria, and some of the functions of the English Language in Nigeria are discussed below.

15 Roles Of English Language In Nigeria

1. English Language Is Used For Communication In Nigeria

As the official language in Nigeria, English is the acceptable medium of communication all over the country. It unites the country, from the North to the East, West, and South. It is a binding entity for this diverse nation, which prides itself as the giant of Africa.

2. English Is Used For Teaching In Nigeria

English is the language used to teach in all Nigerian schools, from elementary up to the tertiary level of education. So it is a must for anyone passing through the educational system in Nigeria to be well versed in the English language.

3. English Language Is Both A Written And Spoken Language In Nigeria

English is both the spoken and written language in Nigeria. The reason for the adoption of the English Language is not farfetched. It is due to the ties established with the English people of Great Britain who colonized the area today known as Nigeria. Intact, the entity is known today as Nigeria is a creation of the British that happened in the year 1914 when the Southern and Northern protectorates were amalgamated.

4. Encourages Social interaction and integration

Due to the multi-ethnic and multi-tribal nature of Nigeria, social interaction between people of different tribes is dangerous owing to language differences. To ease relations, a language understandable by all is necessary, and in the context of Nigeria, the English Language plays this role. It allows people from all tribal units in Nigeria to communicate effectively with one another. This encourages social interaction as well as integration.

5. English helps in Self-development

Another function Of English Language In Nigeria is Self-development. Learning a new language allows you to develop yourself further. This is because your brain is stimulated as you get a new language, keeping it sharp. So for Nigerians, learning the English language helps to develop them further as a person.

6. Career Growth

As the official language in Nigeria is English, you have to be versed in the language to increase your job prospect and also further advanced the growth of your career.

7. Love And Friendship

Proficiency in the English language allows you to explain your coast beyond the shores of Nigeria. English is an international language, and being able to communicate effectively in English will enable you to establish and build relationships with people from all walks of life beyond the shores of Nigeria.

8. Safety In Travel

Many people embark on a journey most time without getting to know where they are going to, and some do are not familiar with the terrain they are going to, not even the language of where they are going. Still, they are very comfortable going to the place because they are very sure they will find someone who speaks English and understand English to direct and give them all the necessary information they may be needing from such a fellow.

Going to the market to get things he or she will be needing, relating to the new faces he or she will be meeting, getting along with the new environment he or she found themself, is made easier with the use of the English language. So safety during transit is one of the Functions Of  English Language In Nigeria

9. An Example For Your Children

With the use of English, you can make an example for children to demonstrate why the English Language Is Important and why they need to get an education for self-sustenance.

10. Allows You To Watch Your Favorite Movies Without Needing Subtitles

With many movies outside their that has not been a subtitle, some are direct English movies and no need to subtitle such movies, you watch conveniently and follow every action, seen, and the nitty-gritty of the film without needing assistance for translation for better understanding.

Also, some movies are not English, but they are the subtitle to the English language, it makes it easier for you to read and follow what the movies are all about but just mere reading along with every action and scene.

11. General growth of Music

Most people even follow some rap artist flows just because they understand the English Language; some can sing without listening to the music or album because the song was sung with English words, and the listener can understand every of the line and flows. That was why you see an artist having their fans all over the country even beyond the wall of their country; those that sang in their native language are always limited to their home country and, in fact, their kin only because of the language barrier.

12. The English Language Breaks the Language Barrier In Nigeria

In Nigeria today, we have three significant tribes, Igbo Yoruba and Hausa, all of these tribes still have subgroups under them, you hardly understand any of these languages, even Citizen of Nigeria are not always carry along when the native language has been used.

So to break this demarcation, the use of the English language was adopted so that all and sundry could use it and long free communication, improve commerce, and other trading activities in Shore of Nigeria even beyond. So one of the Functions Of English Language In Nigeria Today is to remove the bridge and gap of communication on the coast of the country.

13. Reading Necessary Technical And Professional Literature

There are some literature and journals that are written with more deep vocabulary in the English language. It takes the effort of the reader to have more and intense knowledge of the English language to be able to read and comprehend what is contained in the journals.

Also, some of the literature is written in other words that need one who has the basic system in the English language.

14. A Good Opportunity To Earn Money

Many need a language translator, and some need those who will help them read and break it down in their language. Some need some that are proficient in the language to help them put things together and some other educative write-up to improve on their presentation and official looks.

So knowing the English language will fetch you more income and money for self-sustenance.

15. Memory Training

Using the English language will help you boost your memory, some reading novels, newspapers, and many other educative books help them retain their memory even when they are old and of come of age to lose some of the ideas and files that are in their brain compartment.

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Conclusion On Role Of English Language In Nigeria

In a diversified nation, we have today in terms of human, race, tribes, trade, profession, and many others, it is paramount to have a standing language that will communicate one other person’s mind to them.

That was why Nigeria, as a nation, adopts the use of the English language as the official language of the country to enable easy activities and make things easier on the shore of the government.

If not for the use of the English Language that binds everyone together, it will be challenging to manage the people of the country, and it will be another herculean task to communicate an official message to everyone at the same time using print media and social media.

The level of interaction will reduce, and the level of social integration will reduce without a mechanism of central language in the country.

So far, so good, we have given you some Functions Of English Language In Nigeria, we also want you to drop your view and feedback to allow others to learn from your immense contribution.

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