Top 10 Free Vpn Apps for Android and iOS Phone

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VPN apps is now viral among iOS and Android smartphone users. there is high demand for this mobile app but the limitation is that most of them are not free and that is where this article on Free VPN Apps for Android and IOS Mobile Devices comes in. There are a lot of activities you can do with VPN apps ranging from connecting your device to a secure connection over the Internet and accessing region-restricted websites, and also keep your data secure among others. Read through the article to learn more and to also find the free VPN app that will work well for you.


Candidly, getting a Free VPN Apps for Android and IOS Mobile Devices is very difficult and the ones there are sometimes do not function as expected and they all have their limitations. Notwithstanding we will provide you with some of the Best Free VPN App for Android. Below is a quick preview of the top ten free VPN apps

  1. NordVPN
  2. Hotspot Shield
  3. Windscribe
  4. me
  5. PrivateVPN
  6. TunnelBear
  7. ProtonVPN
  8. OperaVPN
  9. Speedify
  10. Betternet

There you have a highlight of free VPN Apps working for Android and iOS. Below is detailed discussion on the apps listed above.

  • #1. NordVPN
NordVPN one of the Best Free VPN App for Android
NordVPN one of the Best Free VPN App for Android

Coming in at the number one spot on our list and ranked among the Best Free VPN App for Android is NordVPN. This VPN app is a premium service that comes with interesting features including streaming-optimized servers, and highly rated security features. NordVPN operates over 5000 servers across 60+ countries. Also, it gives you access to streaming and P2P-optimized servers. If you regularly stream movies on Netflix and Hulu, you can unblock their streaming services with this VPN app. Also, it comes with features that help to block suspicious websites, malware, and ads. You can opt for NordVPN as it is risk-free, and offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

  • #2. Hotspot Shield
Hotspot Shield
Hotspot Shield

Taking the second spot on our list is Hotspot Shield, that offers a 7-days free trial of premium version which you can vet the app and make up your mind to upgrade. Also, it offers you 500MB of free data daily. This VPN app is developed with 256-bit encryption, likewise it strictly keeps no-logs policy. Hotspot Shield free version supports ad and limits you to two server locations. The connection tends to be slow but surely it is reliable. More so, the free version does not unblock any streaming sites.

  • #3. Windscribe

Windscribe is another incredible VPN app that can be used both on iOS and Android smartphone. It is designed with military-grade encryption, and also keeps a strict no-logs policy, built-in ad and malware blocker. Another interesting fact about this app is that is not heavy and doesn’t consume much space, also it is user friendly; also, you get 10GB of monthly free data and by tweeting the company, you can earn a bonus 5gb free data. However, Windscribe free version cannot unblock streaming services and it is limited to 10 server locations.

  • #4.

Next on our list is another Best Free VPN App for Android known as, popularly known for its Stealth mode to boost security. It is designed with Military-level security features, make use of 256-bit encryption, has an automatic kill switch and it keeps a strict no-logs policy. More so, it offers a high connection speed. Interestingly, this VPN app gives 2GB of free data per month, simple and easy-to-use. Again, the stealth mode allows you to choose apps that can function when you’re not connected to the VPN. However, you can use the premium risk-free for 30-days and the free account limits you to 5 server locations out of its 57 server locations.

  • #5. PrivateVPN

Still interested in using Free VPN Apps for Android and iOS Mobile Devices, then you should also consider the PrivateVPN. The VPN app offers premium service that comes with a 7-day free trial, unlimited data and bandwidth; a full access to its over 60 server locations and it unblock streaming services. The app is designed with a 256-bit encryption, comes with a kill switch, and DNS/IPv6 leak protection. Like other VPN apps we have mentioned initially, PrivateVPN keeps a strict no-logs policy, and it operates a high-speed server in over 60 countries.

  • #6. TunnelBear

Taking us further in our discussion on free VPN apps for both android and iOS device is TunnelBear. This VPN app does not only give you access to the internet but also help you to bypass VPN blocks With Ghostbear. The VPN app is designed with 256-bit encryption and also keeps a no-logs policy. With its GhostBear mode, your device can bypass VPN blocks and deep packet inspection. Interestingly, the free version of TunnelBear VPN app offers 500MB monthly.

  • #7. ProtonVPN

ProtonVPN is a premium service that is undoubtedly one of the Best Free VPN App for Android and also iOS devices. The VPN app offer you unlimited data, connection to servers in the US, Japan, and the Netherlands and it also designed with a best-in-class encryption. ProtonVPN is designed with military-level security features, 256-bit encryption, an automatic kill switch, and DNS leak protection. The free version can unblock streaming services including YouTube and Netflix.

  • #8. OperaVPN

OperaVPN is the free browser extension that offers no data limit. It is considered to be among free VPN you ought to consider using on your iOS or Android device. However, been an extension of Opera browser, it only works on the app. You will enjoy unlimited data, bandwidth, and speeds. You can choose one out of the three server locations: the US, Europe, and Asia. It doesn’t work perfectly like the other VPN apps on this list.

  • #9. Speedify

Speedify VPN app takes us further in our discussion coming in at the ninth spot on our list. Speedify offers you 5GB of free data per month. The app is designed with 128 GCM encryption. In order to improve your connection speed, it combines your mobile data and WiFi connection. Interestingly, you can unblock streaming services.

  • #10. Betternet

Coming in at the last spot on our list is Betternet considered to be one of the Best Free VPN App for Android and iOS devices. With this VPN appyou will get 500MB of free data. Betternet is designed with high-end security features and it make use of 256-bit encryption and the Catapult Hydra protocol.

  • VPN Apps Compatibility

Before installing a VPN app on your Android or iOS device, it is important that you check whether both are compatible. Premium VPNs have great offers for most platforms, on the other hand, free VPN services usually don’t. also, most free VPN consume a lot of RAM memory space and tend to slow down your device functionality.

  • Free VPN Apps Limitations

When using free or limited VPN services before upgrading to premium services, you will experience some limitation as most of the features will not be made available until upgrade is done. Some of the limitations include limited speeds, data, and bandwidth, or a limited period of unrestricted use, as well as limited server locations. Free VPN have so many restrictions and limitations you’ll experience busy servers with your connections becoming slow or drop regularly.

In a light note, you cannot enjoy the same speed and security offered by premium VPN services when using a free VPN service. However, there are some safe, limited free VPNs for Android and iOS device.

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Conclusion on Ten Free VPN Apps for Android and IOS Mobile Devices

There you have the list of Free VPN Apps for Android and IOS Mobile Devices. You can make your choice and use any of the VPN app that best works for you. Getting a free VPN is actually not easy and hard to find. However, if you are using it for a short period, then a limited VPN app is the best choice for you. Also, most of the VPN apps listed here are not absolutely free but they offer premium services however, you get to enjoy days or months of free trials and money-back guarantees. Now that you have been enlightened, waste no time to make your choice and begin to enjoy unlimited internet access. We will like to hear from you and wish that you give us a feedback

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