Top 10 Best Chefs in the World

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Top 10 Best Chefs In The World 2020- Cooking has taken a new dimension since men have stepped up and taken to the culinary world. Recently, many believed that the best cooks are men who will be seen in this article shortly. Some men have a passion for cooking and do it better even than the females believed to have the natural ability, instinct, and flair for food. Chefs including designing of recipe prepare majority of the meals prepared in restaurants and eateries. Therefore, this article is centered on the Top 10 Best Chefs in the World and all you need to know about them.


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The chefs that are enlisted here are believed to be the best in the world using their craftiness and cooking skills to produce high nutritious and delicious meals that savor the taste buds and satisfy the hungry belly of their customers. Below is the List Of The Best Chefs In The World.

  1. Arnaud Donckele
  2. Michel Troisgros
  3. Jonnie Boer
  4. Yannick Alleno
  5. Seiji Yamamoto
  6. Paul Pairet
  7. Emmanuel Renaut
  8. David Kinch
  9. Alexandre Couillon
  10. Rene Redzepi

do You Need To Know The Top 10 Best Chefs In The World 2020

  • #1. Arnaud Donckele
  • Country: Saint Tropez, France
Arnaud Donckele World Best Chef 2019.
Arnaud Donckele World Best Chef 2020.

First on our list is Arnaud Donckele, a French chef. He currently runs La Vague d’Or restaurant located in Cheval Blanc St-Tropez hotel located in Saint-Tropez. Arnaud Donckele has won three Michelin stars since 2013. The renowned chef was coached by two famous chefs Michel Guérard and Alain Ducasse at the Restaurant Louis XV de Monaco and the restaurant Plaza Athénée in Paris and later worked at the restaurant Lasserre in Paris with chef Jean-Louis Nomicos. Arnaud has received 3 Michelin Stars and nominated Chef of the year making him the Best Chef in the World.

  • #2. Michel Troisgros
  • Country: Ouches, France
Michel Troisgros Second Best Chefs In the World
Michel Troisgros Second Best Chefs In the World

Michel Troisgros is a restaurateur who operates three restaurants is the Second Best Chef In The World. The Troisgros family is popular in France and known for their culinary dynasties. Michel took over the family business and established a sister branch outside France in Tokyo. The second Best Chef in the World is known for his culinary skill in preparing the legendary family’s famous salmon and Sorell dish as well as the famous Michell cuisine which is a blend of new styles with the family traditional dish and the Le Bois sans Feuilles dish. Michel Troisgros has received three Michelin stars.

  • #3. Jonnie Boer
  • Country: Netherlands
Jonnie Boer Best Chef In The World

Chef Jonnie Boer is the only Dutchman on our list rated among the Best Chefs in the World. He is the head chef and a co-owner of the famous De Librije restaurant located in Zwolle, the Netherlands as well as a winner of the Michelin star. Also, he is an author who has written different culinary books (most in Dutch language but translated into English). I would call him a businessman because he sells its products in Librije’s Winkel. Jonnie started Food on Tour, De Librije’s catering company in 2006. Also, he and his wife further opened a hotel (Librije’s Hotel) with restaurant (Librije’s Zusje) and also cookery and wine college (Librije’s Atelier) in what was previously the Zwolle prison.

  • #4. Yannick Alleno Alleno
  • Country: Paris, France
Yannick Alleno Alleno one of the best Chef In The World
Yannick Alleno Alleno one of the best Chef In The World

Fourth on our list is another French chef Yannick Alleno Alleno known to have received the Michelin award thrice and among the Best Chefs in the World. Yannick cooking career started at the Royal Monceau where he worked with Gabriel Biscay before joining the Hotel Sofitel Sèvres and working closely with chefs Roland Durand and Martial Henguehard. Yannick is known for putting hard work and effort to create, renovate, taste and play with ingredients to achieve the best. His cooking strength lies in reinventing traditional cuisine by giving a unique interpretation mixing precision and surprise. His cooking inspiration springs up from local products to create links between the classic and the modern.

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  • #5. Seiji Yamamoto
  • Country: Tokyo, Japan
Seiji Yamamoto
Seiji Yamamoto

We move to Asia and precisely Japan where Seiji Yamamoto offers his Chef services and dish out the best of Japanese food. Seiji holds three Michelin stars at his restaurant Nihonryori RyuGin, and his restaurant is rated number 50 in the world. He has earned the fifth spot on our list of the Best Chefs in the World. With high culinary skill in preparing Japanese tasting menus that reflect the local, seasonal ingredients, he has been nicknamed “Icon of Asian Gastronomy.”

  • #6. Paul Pairet
  • Country: China
Paul Pairet One OF The Best Chefs IN The World.
Paul Pairet One OF The Best Chefs IN The World.

Back to France is Paul Pairet the French chef who French chef. He was born and trained as a chef in France before he moved out of the country. He operates three restaurants which are all located in Shanghai, China: Mr. & Mrs. Bund (a modern French eatery), he is the founder-partner and chef de cuisine of restaurants Ultraviolet, and cafe Pollux.

  • #7. Emmanuel Renaut
  • Country: Megève, France

Emmanuel Renaut is another fine chef that cannot be missed because of his excellent cooking. Emmanuel Renaut established himself in Mégève in Haute-Savoie in 1998 and established his restaurant “Flocons de sel” as well. He is a man who gets inspired by nature having grown up in the mountainside where he was actively involved in skiing. Emmanuel Renaut belongs to a “new generation of a chef who re-invent the local products with malice,” which brings him nearer from Chef Alain Passard. François Simon estimates his cooking technique “very close to the Savoyard local products.”

  • #8. David Kinch
  • Country: California, United States

Eight on our list is David Kinch, an American chef, a TV personality and an author who is also a co-owner of Manresa, a restaurant in Los Gatos, California, which has been awarded three Michelin stars in 2016. Manresa has been named one of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants through Restaurant Magazine, was once in America’s Top 50 Restaurants by way of Gourmet, and has obtained four stars from The San Francisco Chronicle. He is also dean at the International Culinary Center, established as the French Culinary Institute in 1984. Kinch is a winner of the Best Chef in America award for the Pacific location from the James Beard Foundation as nicely as GQ’s Chef of the Year for 2011. Kinch’s California cuisine has strong French, Catalan and Japanese influences. Kinch opened a second restaurant in Los Gatos, California in 2016, known as The Bywater,

  • #9. Alexandre Couillon
  • Country: France

Second to the last on our list of Best Chef in the World is Alexandre Couillon. His culinary skill for the ingenious way he cooks ingredients from his garden and the little fishing port of L’Herbaudiere his eatery overlooks. With this fine cooking skills of his, he has turned his family’s humble “Moules Frites” joint into one of the finest and best restaurants in France even though the restaurant is located at the farthest end of the unpretentious island of Noirmoutier off France’s west coast. Some of his famous dishes include black oyster poached in Colonnata lard with squid, sardine crackers and cauliflower ice cream and creative deserts using local seaweed.

  • #10. Rene Redzepi – Noma Frites
  • Country: Copenhagen, Denmark

Last on our list is a Rene Redzepi – Noma, a Danish chef, a TV personality and a restaurateur who co-own Noma, a restaurant in the Christianshavn neighborhood of Copenhagen, Denmark. Rene’s restaurant has been voted four times (2011-2014) as the best restaurant in the world by Restaurant magazine’s World’s Best Restaurants. Most importantly, his cooking skill on the reinvention and refinement of new Nordic cuisine and food that is characterized by inventiveness and clean flavors has earned him the tenth spot on the Best Chefs in the World list.






Some Interesting Facts About Chef You Did Not Know

The chef is responsible for everything about the meals in a restaurant. He is responsible for buying the food, hiring and supervising the kitchen workers, developing the menus for the customers, and determining the recipes (the small print of how the cooking is done).

  1. Chefs Possess a Wide Knowledge On Different Food Cultures

Quite a lot of chefs attend culinary college or travel abroad. These opportunities provide them the risk to attempt new foods and unique journey cultures. Even though chefs are restricted by way of a menu, they have broad worldly expertise of meals training and cooking that is applied in their restaurant kitchen.

  1. Chefs are Passionate About What They Do

There is a cast belief that all chefs like to shout and swear. When you go in most kitchens, there will generally be loud banter between chefs. Chefs are exceptionally passionate about their jobs. The first-class chefs revel in alluring their diners and creating a fascinating mixture of tastes and flavors.

  1. Chefs Enjoy Making Food for Customers

One of the most popular motives why people prefer to be chefs is to create delicious dishes for customers. They prefer to make diners smile and be complimented on the foods they’ve made. Bad chefs have no care for presentation or producing the high-quality meals they can.

  1. Chefs Don’t Like Picky Eaters

Most chefs will accommodate the desires of their customers. Chefs work hard for their customers. However, they do not appreciate people who consciously or unconsciously strive to make their job so an awful lot harder.

  1. Chefs Eat Out More

When you cook for a living, it’s no longer stunning that chefs eat out every time they can. It offers them a break. Also, it provides them a chance to attempt out the nearby competition and experience new foods.

  1. Chefs Have a Favourite Knife

When you’re working in a kitchen nearly every day, you shortly get used to the weight and precision of specific chef knives. It’s no longer shocking that every Chef has his/her preferred blade to use.

Conclusion On The Top 10 Best Chefs In The World 2020- All You Need To Know

You can visit any of the restaurants or eateries where these Chefs work or any cooking event they’ll be present and attend to enjoy a first-hand delicious meal from these chefs. The tides suddenly moved away from British Chefs To French Chefs taking over the list at such a short time.

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