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You might be wondering who the richest players in the NFL are. National Football League popularly called by its acronym “NFL” is responsible for professional football in the United States. There are 32 teams in the professional league with different talented players who are showcasing their skills and talent on the pitch. In line with our discussion, we have come up with Highest NFL Paid Players 2020 who are rated to be the Richest NFL Players.


NFL has grown to be among the prestigious games loved by many. Most NFL players earn fat pays however there are those that enjoy high income than others thereby are rated to be the Richest NFL Players. Below is a highlight of Richest NFL Players

  1. Peyton Manning
  2. Eli Manning
  3. Tom Brady
  4. Drew Brees
  5. Philip Rivers
  6. Carson Palmers
  7. Larry Fitzgerald
  8. Ben Roethlisberger
  9. Julius Peppers
  10. Brett Favre

These are the players rated to be the richest in the NFL. Below is a brief discussion about them as well as their net worth.

  • #1. Peyton Manning
  • Net Worth: $248 million
Peyton Manning one of the richest NFL players
Peyton Manning one of the richest NFL players

Peyton Manning is one of the greatest players to grace NFL been a proficient quarterback player. He played most of his football career with Indianapolis Colts and he is rated as the Richest NFL Player though not the Highest-Paid NFL Player 2020. Manning has been in the league for 18 seasons and counting winning just two championships. The player enjoyed numerous career achievements and is ranked among the greatest quarterbacks of all-time in the league. With a net worth of over $200 million, Peyton has earned himself the number one spot on our list and also among the Richest NFL Players in the World.

  • #2. Eli Manning
  • Net Worth: $205.8 million
Eli Manning
Eli Manning

Eli Manning is an American football player who has made a name for himself among the lead players in just 13 seasons of his career in NFL winning the championship twice for New York Giants. Aside from his professional success, he is also rated among the Richest NFL Players in the World, thanks to his huge net worth approximated to be over $200 million. Contributing to that is the $37 million he earned in the last season alone and his net worth is bound to increase if he sees the final three years of his contract through.

  • #3. Tom Brady
  • Net Worth: $196.2 million

Coming in at the third spot on our list is the quarterback player of New England Patriot, Tom Brady. Brady is not just a great player who has enjoyed a lengthy playing day but also one of the rich players in the league with a net worth approximated to be $196.2 million. Brady remains the only player to have won six super bowls in the National Football League and all were won in his current team having participated in nine super bowls. He has been nominated for 12 bowls and also rated as the only football player to have led his team to 14 division titles. Brady played college football for the University of Michigan where he was drafted by the patriots during 2000 NFL Drafts in the sixth round. Brady’s numerous achievements are the reason why sports analysts are considering him to be the best quarterback player of al time

  • #4. Drew Brees
  • Net Worth: $181.0 million

Drew Brees plays with the New Orleans Saints in the NFL and he is rated to be the fourth Richest NFL Player. Brees was selected by his current team who saw his brilliant performance while playing for his college team. Today, Brees’s net worth is approximated to be over $180 million. Interestingly, Brees is a philanthropist who is known to be involved in charity by donating to help homeless children especially after Hurricane Katrina which occurred in New Orleans. Before Brees departed from his college team, Brees won a handful of awards among which include NCAA, Big Ten Conference Records and Purdue University Records among others.

  • #5. Philip Rivers
  • Net Worth: $173.9 million

Philip Rivers is also rated among the Richest NFL Players currently in the NFL. Rivers is considered one of the great passers of the ball and he is rated fifth among the NFL Best Quarterbacks of all time. He currently plays for Los Angeles Chargers in the NFL and during his college days, he played for North Carolina University where he is drafted in the 2004 NFL drafts from college.

  • #6. Carson Palmers
  • Net Worth: $156.6 million

Carson Palmers played in the NFL for 15 seasons during which he played for Cincinnati Bengals, Oakland Raiders and Arizona Cardinals. He played during his university days with the USC team and won the Heisman trophy in 2002. His current net worth is estimated to be over $ 150 million, and his highest-earning in a single season was up to $19 million. Palmers proved himself to be a proficient player during his playing days and won several awards including the NFL Competition Percentage Records, NFL Quarterback of the year, AFC of the year, NFL Passing touchdowns Leader among others.

  • #7. Larry Fitzgerald
  • Net Worth: $140.3 million

Larry Fitzgerald takes us away from the quarterback position to the wide receiver position of American football, a position he is best known for and which he plays outstandingly. He currently plays for the Arizona Cardinals of the NFL having been drafted from Pittsburgh during the NFL draft in 2004. Fitzgerald holds the record of been selected for the pro bowl over 10 times. He occupies the seventh spot on our list of Richest NFL Players with a net worth of approximately $140 million.

  • #8. Ben Roethlisberger
  • Net Worth: $158.3 million

Ben Roethlisberger is currently among the top quarterbacks in the game and rated among the efficient and best passers of all time in NFL. He plays for the Pittsburgh Steelers of the NFL and was drafted in 2004 NFL draft from the Miami University team where he plays for during his college days. In addition to his exceptional playing qualities, he is also on the list because he is among the richest players in NFL with an approximated net worth of over $150 million. He is currently at the top of his game being one of the few quarterbacks to have defeated 31 teams of the current NFL teams. He has been nominated for and won several awards.

  • #9. Julius Peppers
  • Net Worth: $156 million

Julius Peppers is another notable name to remember in the NFL, not a quarterback but plays the solid defensive end position. He played for 15 seasons in the NFL but sadly did not win any championship all through his playing days. But that’s not our focus, he made the list as the ninth Richest NFL Player with an approximated net worth of over $150 million. he earned as high as $20.2 million dollar each season accompanied with numerous awards for his outstanding performances, notably, is the NFL Best Defensive Player Award which he won back to back seven times.

  • #10. Brett Favre
  • Net Worth: $137.8 million

To complete our list is Brett Favre, a former American NFL player who played in the quarterback position for Green Bay Packers, where he played a greater length of his career days. He played for 20 seasons, which is the longest season of all the players listed in this article. His net worth is pegged approximately at over $130 million with $16.6 million being the highest-earning in a single season. He played college football with the Southern Miss Golden Eagle at the University of Southern Mississippi and was drafted during the 1991 NFL Draft. He won several awards as including the Associated Press NFL Most Valuable Player Award as well as eleven bowl invitations which is the third-highest for any quarterback layer.

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Conclusion on the Top 10 Richest NFL Players – All you need to know

Some of you might be shocked not to have seen your favorite player on the list, but as it is, these ten players are considered the richest players in NFL so far in 2020. Some of them are retired while some are still active in the game. More so, the days of passion for the game is almost dwindling as many players dance to the tune of highest pay, a major motivation for modern athletes and as such, the rate of money pumped into modern sports, some of these players may soon fall out of the list when reviewed with new faces emerging.

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